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GIY: Food to Plant Now Before the Next Pandemic

Updated: May 20, 2020

You're probably asking yourself "What are the things I can do today that will make the next pandemic more bearable?" You've thought of investing in a robot vacuum, installing a spa or sauna, hiring a live in governess/nor, and have even thought about freezing your body (for science of course) and waiting 300 years to be brought back to life hoping the current pandemic will be over by then. - How did you know Harry?- But did you think about growing your own food? - Not until now! Thanks Harry. No worries, Larry. - Food is a big part of our daily lives (unless you're a Breathatarian*) and can bring the utmost joy and love to any situation. Food is awesome and we all love it, so how can we ensure we have fresh food all year round? GIY: GROW IT YOURSELF! You read it right. Grow it yourself, save some moolah and save the Earth from some CO2 and CH4 - Not channel 4 on t.v Larry...Methane... - from rotting vegetable scraps in landfill. Below we've compiled our own list of tips and tricks surrounding the mystery of being an inner-city urban farmer. Some of these tips even translate into being a healthy human, so there ya go: 1. When propagating child cuttings it is imperative for the health of the growing child to change the water regularly. Don't let it get all sludgy and stank. - Same goes for you Larry, have a shower. It's been 4 days!- 2. Don't plant Pineapple from the tops unless you're very patient. It'll take 24 months to fruit. That's all on that topic... 3. Keep the propagating plants indoors and in bright direct sunlight. It's great for their mental health. 4. Once you've planted the cuttings don't drown them in water, your tears, or wine. But keep the soil moist. - With water? Yes, Larry. With water. - And gradually introduce them into full sun exposure once you've moved them outside after winter. 5. DON'T go and forage for random mushrooms and plant them. Only use edible store bought mushrooms. Cut off the stalks and plant them an inch deep in soil, covering all but the top of the stalks. Water them moderately everyday, as mushies like moist environments, or give them a spray every now and again to keep up the humidity. 6. - No Larry, you cannot grow a watermelon in your stomach. - Okay let's get serious. We have found a wonderfully succinct and informative video on how to grow fresh food from store bought items. Here is Jag Singh's '14 Store Bought Vegetables & Herbs You Can Regrow' and a time breakdown of what you can find in the video. Please take a look at other videos by Jag for a wider selection of fruit and veg. He even has a video on growing nutrient dense foods in a crisis. What you will find in the video below: 1. Ginger 0.07 2. Green Onion (Spring Onion) 0.32 3. Garlic 0.50 4. Potato 1.23 5. Carrot 1.42 6. Lettuce 2.20 7. Leek 2.57 8. Celery 3.20 HERBS 9. Basil 3.44 10. Mint 4.16 11. Rosemary 4.45 12. Oregano 5.14 13. Sage 5.41 14. Thyme 6.07

Have some fun with it. Try growing some capsicum from those seeds that fell all over the floor when you cut it open, or even from the mandarin pips you painstakingly popped out before devouring it. There are many opportunities to become an inner-city urban farmer, you just need to google it and then look in the fridge.

Stay safe out there! Written by Ashton L K. *Not advised. See a health care professional for more information.

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