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Footscrazy about Footscray.

Since then Footscray has become home to more than 16,000 people. If you find yourself here you can trust you are home.

Why do we love Footscray? Is it the omnipresent family atmosphere that greets you wherever you go? Is it because it's home to people from more than 100 countries speaking more than 65 languages? Or is it the fact that you can get amazing food from every main street coursing its way through the inner-west? Footscray has long been the multicultural meeting point for people of many walks of life. It has seen many a sole tread the earth that belongs to the people of the Kulin Nation. In 1830 European settlers disrupted the harmony of the lands first peoples, displacing families and cultures. Since then Footscray has seen an array of people set up shop and call it home. The City of Footscray ceased on the 15th of December 1994 when the City of Maribyrnong was erected to span the cities of Footscray and Sunshine. Maribyrnong, the anglicised version of the Aboriginal term 'Mirring-gnay-bir-nong', translates to 'I can hear a ring tail possum.' Maribyrnong City Council has a little information about the history and make up of the city and Footscray which you can look into by clicking here. We have sourced some wistful videos and images for you to take a look at on a nice afternoon inside with a cuppa. Enjoy :) The Western Bulldogs formerly Footscray from 1877 until 1997.

Footscray in 1971 below and youtube channel Gezza1967 has shared a 1991 Train ride from Footscray to Melbourne. Which you can find here.

A lovely lass, a child and a dog outside their Footscray home.

Barkly street looking a whole lot different to what it does now.

Footscray Railway Station opened January 17 1859 and here is a little shot of what it looked like back then.

Since then Footscray has become home to more than 16,000 people. If you find yourself here you can trust you are home.

A wise word from a wise man; Footscray is MEGALO!*

*Great, Footscray is great! Stay safe out there! Written by Ashton L K.

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